Confidence and security

As a data expert, Millionroads has always been mindful of the ethical and proportionate use of your personal data. The entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May 2018 has reinforced this vision: MillionRoads has as a priority the respect of the data protection regulations and implements a continuous improvement process in favour of the protection of your personal data.


Emilie Pesce

Data Protection Officer

MillionRoads collects two types of personal data:

- direct collection: as a user of MillionRoads solutions, we inform you of the processing we carry out on your personal data and you are free to give your consent to this processing.

- indirect collection: MillionRoads indexes personal data of people registered on professional social networks who have chosen to make their profiles freely accessible via search engines. MillionRoads has a legitimate interest in collecting this data in order to have a sufficient volume of data to ensure the representativeness, the accuracy of predictability and the relevance of the educational and vocational guidance offered to users holding an account and the statistics and dashboards provided to our partner entities.

In both cases, MillionRoads respects your rights and choices about your personal data:

- MillionRoads keeps the personal data indexed from the profiles of professional social networks left freely accessible via search engines by their holders until the deletion of these profiles or until they are made inaccessible via search engines.

- MillionRoads accesses your requests to exercise rights on your personal data when you ask us to do so.

MillionRoads implements all technical and organizational security measures to maintain the integrity of the data processed. MillionRoads data is hosted in France by our subcontractor h8lio , a French company. (learn more) MillionRoads has a transparent approach to the use of your data, you will find all the information on the Privacy page.

For further information, please contact our Data Protection Officer at