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Communication department

  • Base your communication on real data and comparative advantages
  • Promote the international influence of your institution
  • Access all career development information to effectively promote training

Management department

  • Accelerate your organization's digital transformation by adopting a data-centric approach
  • Meet the criteria of follow-up and support for professional integration of many labels and certifications
  • Increase fundraising and collection of the apprenticeship tax tenfold

What our clients say


Millionroads solutions equip students in a school with the tools to explore the careers of alumni who have undertaken similar educational paths. The students directly benefit from the analysis of the professional and geographical trajectories of students and alumni. Access to this data and the sharing of experiences beyond the school career path corresponds entirely to our school’s vision. Our partnership is part of the UGEI's overall strategy aimed at enhancing and supporting the schools' objectives in preparing and supporting students until they embark on their next steps towards their desired career.

Etienne Craye

Président de l’UGEI


Direction of studies department

  • Accompany your students in the construction of their professional project
  • Identify alumni with a profile adapted to your intervention needs
  • Boost your students' vision and lexical field according to the sector of activity of their training

Corporate relationship department

  • Support your exchanges with companies with a history of the hiring of your graduates
  • Help your students take action in their search for an internship and first job
  • Detect hiring trends in terms of internships and first jobs in companies

Alumni relationship department

  • Animate the community with a simplified follow-up of your alumni
  • Identify profiles and career paths based on specific criteria
  • Automate alumni directory updates with an interconnection
The first interactive map designed to choose a study path after baccalauréat.

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