Highlight prospects and inspire careers

Build on your alumni's paths to give your students career and networking guidance


A proof speech for a maximized impact on all channels

How to recruit more motivated graduates, more active in their orientation, and better aware of the opportunities of their training?

Differentiate yourself with an innovative communication for more visible trainings that find their audience thanks to our orientation facilitator based on the experience and participation of your alumni.

The strategy to attract new talent

  • Multiply the points of contact thanks to digital!
    For your trade shows or open houses, on computer or smartphone, with direct access to your website, reach all your targets without any media constraints.
  • Your alumni are your best ambassadors!
    Invite your candidates to follow in their footsteps, to discover the real opportunities of your training. Encourage them to do so with points and rewards that are useful for their orientation.
  • Focus your efforts on quality content.
    Automatically receive these contacts in your CRM and create personalized campaigns to convert your prospects into real candidates.
  • Communicate with a proof speech.
    By exploring the real-life backgrounds of your former students, your potential candidates will have a clearer picture of their future and you will prove the relevance of your courses.
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Turn recruitment into a gamified digital experience

  • An intuitive digital orientation map : our fun and interactive interface invites your future students to explore the possibilities and simulate their own path.
  • An integrated gamification process : with successes and rewards, your users are anchored in an active orientation process and no longer hesitate to take action.

An optimal solution to acquire and convert qualified leads

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  • Collect highly qualified leads and follow up on them, thanks to the automatic sending of contacts to your CRM.
  • Convert your dormant leads by creating personalized campaigns based on their profiles.
  • Benefit from a complete conversion marketing cycle with a follow-up schedule tailored to each student.
  • Evaluate your prospects' chances of applying with a score assigned from their browsing on the application.

What our clients say

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I am very happy to see my school enhance their recruitment efforts by attracting more motivated and ambitious students. Recruit is coming to us as the indispensable tool that will support an essential innovation process that we’re taking today to meet the needs of prospective students.

Dominique Baillargeat

Directrice 3IL ingénieur


Our solutions

Whether you wish to analyze alumni careers and opportunities, strategically support students, or recruit students, our solutions fit your needs.

The first interactive map designed to choose a study path after baccalauréat.

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