Our solutions for school networks and consortia

Supporting school networks and consortia has been the mission of MillionRoads for nearly 4 years. We help build community and support all involved at each stage of program development, launch, execution and evaluation. As an exclusive partner you benefit from a dedicated account manager and exclusive offers during each stage of development. Ask today for a free and tailor-made proposal.


Benefits for the group or network

  • Move to a data-centric approach able to meet the challenges of an organization and the specificities of each institution
  • Support your institutions' accreditations with strong career follow-up and increased support for professional integrationé
  • Strengthen the cohesion between your institutions by analyzing their evolution and performance over time
  • Forge a common culture among your audiences that will strengthen your organization's image
  • Recruit across the network with a complete mapping of your training and its opportunities

What our clients say


Millionroads solutions equip students in a school with the tools to explore the careers of alumni who have undertaken similar educational paths. The students directly benefit from the analysis of the professional and geographical trajectories of students and alumni. Access to this data and the sharing of experiences beyond the school career path corresponds entirely to our school’s vision. Our partnership is part of the UGEI's overall strategy aimed at enhancing and supporting the schools' objectives in preparing and supporting students until they embark on their next steps towards their desired career.

Etienne Craye

Président de l’UGEI

Our expertise shared with all your establishments

Global access to data for groups of schools undoubtedly provides better knowledge of degrees and a clearer picture of how institutions operate. This unique data makes our work with network and group members all the more relevant.

As a specialist in digital services for educational and professional trajectories, our team brings a unique perspective to the issues of career guidance and integration. We will be happy to answer your questions and to participate in the animation of your communities.

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Our solutions

Whether you wish to analyze alumni careers and opportunities, strategically support students, or recruit students, our solutions fit your needs.