We choose to follow in the footsteps of others, and data intelligence empowers everyone to find their own way. Career intelligence is a power resource providing real time opportunities to respond to today’s guidance, training and employment challenges. Data analysis makes it possible to anticipate changes and adapt to an evolving environment through strategic choices. Career guidance, training and employment specialists need efficient, smart and easily exploitable data analysis tools to carry out their mission.

We believe in an ecosystem driven by intelligent data, guided by inclusiveness and its positive societal impact advances opportunities for educational guidance and vocational integration worldwide.



Education and career guidance specialists support students and new graduates at each stage of their journeys. However, little exists for exploiting real-life data focusing on the educational and career progressions of students and alumni. “A picture paints a thousand words.” And, today it is necessary to capitalize on big data to paint millions of individual careers paths to inspire others to create their own plan.


We want to turn data into decision-making power, to facilitate the education and career paths of current and future generations.

To do so, we design innovative, powerful, and accessible digital solutions using data from academic and professional paths in order to: - Enable training specialists to deliver better support guided by a current and thorough knowledge of their students’ and alumni career paths. - Help students and workers easily build their career paths through informed career choices. - Facilitate interaction between specialists involved in training and employment. - Foster relationships between students, alumni, institutions, and employers.